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Getting Ready for the IVDR

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IVDR Brings Huge Change to Manufacturers Distributing Products in Europe

The In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) means enormous upheaval for companies, as now up to 90% of products will need to be reviewed by a notified body before they are eligible for distribution in Europe under the IVDR. That’s a huge about-turn from the situation under the In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (IVDD), where approximately 80% of products were self-declared to the IVD Directive.

Listen to our expert, Terrance Thiel, in the latest PharmaLex podcast to learn more.

Terrance T.J. Thiel
Senior Director, Principal Consultant, Medical Devices / IVD

TJ Thiel has worked in quality and regulatory affairs in the Australian, US and European medical device and diagnostics industries for more than 20 years. From major multinationals to small start-ups, TJ has deep experience with global regulatory approvals and registration, providing clients with planning and strategy suitable for both local and world-wide product launches.

TJ has prepared, submitted and achieved significant approvals for medical devices – including active implantables (AIMDs),  implantables and Software as Medical Device  (SaMD) – and in vitro diagnostics including point-of-care, self-testing and laboratory devices. TJ holds Regulatory Affairs Certification  (RAC) and has delivered regulatory approvals including FDA 510(k), PMA and De Novo; CE-marking; Health Canada;  TGA; PMDA and NMPA. He has provided due diligence activities for company acquisitions regarding the target’s business viability, quality system status and regulatory position.

TJ’s expertise also supports businesses to create, revise and execute quality systems that are efficient and understood by all employees to provide compliance in a consistent and concise manner.